Report : Statistics on social networks and the Internet in 2014

Both the Internet and social networking and smartphones among the most important things technology which is witnessing great development and a significant increase in terms of rates of adoption or use by users globally. On the basis of this Foundation “We Are Social” issue a report highlights the case of the use and spread of these things with the submission of the numbers and private data to this year.

The report covered the following topics:


The number of Internet users in all regions of the world total, it is estimated today that there are about 2.5 billion user which is close to 35 percent of the world’s population.


Although the data listed above represent the presence of an annual increase of 150 million users compared to users of the year 2013, but the numbers this year remain incomplete, and this at a time indicating that estimates the International Telecommunication Union (ICU) that there are three billion Internet users probably .


Increase on this, the percentages of users is evenly distributed between the parts of the world different, at the time it struggles some areas to reach the percentage of acceptable use, especially in Africa and Central and South Asia, the regions hit by the proportions of the use of the Internet to record levels beyond the barrier of 80 percent as the case with the North American region. The reason here is due to the significant contribution caused by the process of using the Internet through mobile phones.


It seems clear from the data also mobile communications (Mobile Connections) will play an important role in bringing about the difference in the rates of Internet use among the various regions of the world , it also exceeded subscriptions Mobile for the total number of the population in some countries , and increase the spread of smart phones globally contributes to say that most of the world’s population now have a real opportunity to gain access to the Internet .

And enhanced this opportunity today with the great development in a generation mobile networks , increasing the competition among the big operators , which have contributed significantly to the decline in the cost of mobile data , and thus it is very likely that people are increasingly interested in Internet services , especially in developing countries.
Social networking

Communication platforms and social networks to achieve high growth rates in terms of Usage , which managed to top those networks to add more than 135 million new users during the year 2013.


As shown by the data also indicated that the areas, which accounts for the largest proportions of internet users are the same, which has the highest prevalence rates for users of social networks active, they come in the area of North America in the first place with 56 percent, followed by Western Europe with 44 percent, while occupies the Middle East ninth place with 24 percent.


This is the Facebook social platforms today months and most popular, as noted by the data occupation of the center of the first in terms of number of active users, which now stands at 1184 million users. It also comes application (WhatsApp) in fourth place, overtaking network (Google+) in terms of the number of active users, which reached 400 million users.


By versus reflect all of the data on Internet users on the one hand and the prevalence of social platforms by region on the other hand the general trend for the use of the Internet , which is reflected in general about their use in order to communicate with friends across platforms and channels of communication primarily social .

In the latter , the mobile phones will play Adora key role in strengthening the scene to use networking , what nearly three-quarters of Facebook users today have access to the network through the phone only , while the service relies Wechat Watts August and Instagram entirely dependent on the operating system your smartphone .


The number of mobile subscribers during the year 2013 at about 173 million subscribers, and also reached the total actual contributions to 93 percent of the total world population. As also noted that the proportion of subscription barrier exceeding 100 percent in some areas.


The increasing rate of adoption services connect to the Internet broadband and therefore it can now about 1.5 billion people around the world to get on the Internet with a rapid flow through their mobile devices.


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