Google launches educational platform for the use of technology in education

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Google launched a new service called Google Classroom and E provide a way to help teachers follow their students using web applications .

The new service based on Google Docs and cloud storage service and mail Gmail in order to accomplish the required functions and research and follow-up with students .

The service also provides tools for teachers continues to allow them to publish advertisements and questionnaires and asking students and get answers to them in real time .

Google provides this service through educational applications, Google for free to schools and promised that it will not clear the data and use it for advertising purposes , and that application of the new policy announced by the last week on how to deal with the data that will be collected from the users in order to target ads .

Google intends permission of services that reduce the use of paper products and convert part of the education process to a fully electronic through the creation of jobs through the service and sent to students and receive answers and corrected and the results recorded it all electronically .

The Google Drive service will create a folder for each new job students are asked to solve them will also be available via the Drive all the files relating to the scientific content of articles and additional readings and others.

Classroom Service still need to call for registration by the teachers of the site , you can request the service to be provided and then experimentally for a limited number of users and expects to make available to the public in September with the start of the next semester .

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