Zeus : virus creates fake accounts Instaqram

“Zeus” is a virus that first appeared in 2007 specialized in stealing bank statements used on infected machines do, and I’ve regained its activity this time strongly not on social networks or sites mined, but the application is of the most famous applications share photos, he applied Instaqram.
Some pirates have been able to develop Zeus virus from which they can create fake accounts on Instaqram platform, according to the report published by the Reuters news agency.

After the establishment of these accounts based hackers exploit to increase the number of observers and Likes to calculate the specific network, where the sale is located thousand followers at about U.S. $ 15 thousand impressive for a single image or different images for $ 30.

The report stated that the profits generated by this process represents the fold times the income of the material, which was obtained by the pirates by stealing banking data.

In response to this news Email spokesman Instaqram press release confirming that they are working hard to reduce the messages unwanted on the network, and was attended by the creation of any accounts and fake automatically and non-theater by and for this reason invited users to report any suspicious transaction by sending report to the site to step up in his arrest.

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